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A Natural Process


The Finest Ingredients

At Bobboi, we pride ourselves on crafting our gelato using only the finest, real, organic ingredients, sourced locally and bought in most part form the local farmers market.


The Finest Quality and Texture

We use the traditional POZZETTI display, that hides the gelato away rather than showcase it as most shops do, maintaining the perfect freshness and texture every time.


The Finest Flavor

We are interested in how it tastes, rather than how it looks. We DO NOT use emulsifiers, corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors.


The Finest Experience

Get ready to indulge in the most flavorful and authentic gelato in San Diego.

Visit any of our stores and ask for as many samples you want, we will assist  you in finding your favorite flavor combination!


Our Flavors

Our gelato is made FRESH EVERY DAY in LIMITED QUANTITY. Some flavors may sell out quickly. So hurry up!

Dairy Free Flavors

It's impossible to ignore so much flavor, right?

Now just choose one of our stores and grab your gelato of the day!

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