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More than a gelato shop, Bobboi Natural Gelato is a community!

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  • How do I know what flavors are available?
    You can check out our flavors here: ⚠️ A quick reminder: Our gelato is made fresh every day in limited quantity. Some flavors may sell out quickly. So hurry up!
  • Does Bobboi sell Gift Cards? What are the options and how does it work?
    We offer both electronic gift cards, which can be delivered via email, and physical gift cards that you can purchase at any of our stores. To explore your options and make a purchase, please visit the following link:
  • Is it possible to buy Bobboi Gelato online?
    Absolutely! You can buy our gelato online and conveniently pick it up at the store nearest to you. Click below to place your order now!
  • Does Bobboi have grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free options?
    Yes, yes, yes, and yes! All of our flavors are grain-free unless specified on the menu. We also have some delicious dairy-free and vegan options. Check out all the options here: Furthermore, our gelato is typically egg-free, including the cones. Occasionally we may feature flavors on the menu that contain eggs; however, in such cases, we make sure to clearly indicate it on the menu. We strongly advise you to inquire about this when you visit and seek confirmation from our team. All our milk-based flavors and water-based sorbets are gluten-free unless specified. However, the Dairy-Free Pistachio and Dairy-Free Nocciola are made with Oat Milk, which is not expressly labeled as gluten-free. Furthermore, please be aware that our stores also serve cones that contain gluten, so we cannot provide a complete guarantee against potential cross-contamination.
  • I have a peanut allergy; is it safe for me to consume Bobboi's gelato?
    Rest assured, none of our gelato flavors contain peanuts, and we strictly avoid having peanuts in our facilities. However, it's important to note that while we take rigorous precautions, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee of the complete absence of cross-contamination risks from our suppliers of other nuts. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers with allergies and encourage you to inform our staff about any specific allergies or concerns you may have when you visit our store. We prioritize transparency and will do our best to accommodate your needs and provide you with a delightful gelato experience.
  • Do you offer sugar-free gelato?
    All our gelato contains some added sugar. We've chosen to prioritize natural ingredients in our recipes. If we were to replace sugar, we'd need to use alternative carbohydrate ingredients that we don't consider natural. Additionally, using Stevia in the required quantity to replace sugar as solids is not a viable option for us.
  • I want to join the Bobboi team, how do I apply?
    We welcome individuals with a passion for exceptional service and enthusiasm to be a part of our growing family. At Bobboi, experience is not a prerequisite, PASSION and ENTHUSIASM are! To apply, simply send an email to, expressing why you believe you would be a great fit for our team. Please specify your availability , the store (or stores) where you are most interested in working, and provide at least 3 potential dates when you would be available for an interview. Including your resume is highly advisable, as it provides us with a comprehensive understanding of your skills and experiences. We will review your application and reach out if your profile aligns with any open positions we currently have.
  • Do you have any interest in franchising Bobboi in other cities or states?
    Unfortunately, at the moment we have chosen not to franchise, who knows in the future? :)


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