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Mission Beach boardwalk Bobboi.jpg

Bobboi Natural Gelato

Mission Beach, San Diego

Catch a breathtaking sunset at Bobboi's Mission Beach gelato shop, conveniently located steps from Belmont Park and the iconic Mission Beach boardwalk. Enjoy handcrafted Italian gelato made with fresh, organic ingredients while soaking in the vibrant beach vibes.

736 Ventura PL, San Diego, CA, 92109

Working Hours

Regular Days

Friday and Saturday

11 AM–9:30 PM

From Sunday to Thursday

11 AM–8:30 PM

San Diego's most delicious gelato is now available in Mission Beach! Situated near the iconic Belmont Park, our gelato shop is a celebration of flavor based on the belief that every lively spot deserves the world's most delectable treat.


Why did we choose Mission Beach?

Because it's a place full of joy and excitement, and we couldn't resist adding the most unforgettable gelato experience to this vibrant spot. Come and indulge in the delight of Bobboi, where sunshine and sweetness collide in a symphony of flavors!

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