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Buy a Gift Card!

At Bobboi, getting a gift card is as easy as enjoying our gelato! We offer both electronic gift cards (sent directly via email) and physical gift cards (available for purchase in any of our stores).


The value added to the Gift Card can be used as credit towards any product in our store. This provides the flexibility for the recipient to supplement the card's value if they wish to acquire something of higher value than the deposited amount.


Your gift, their choice – it's the perfect way to share the delight of Bobboi!

Just follow the steps below!


Step One
Choose your Bobboi Gift

Decide how you want to gift:


With a charming physical gift card, available at your nearest Bobboi store, or with a digital gift card instantly through email.

If you prefer a physical card, CLICK HERE to find the closest store and pick up your gift.

If you opt for the convenience of email, proceed to the next step.

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Step Two
Select Your e-Gift Card Value

Decide on the desired amount and have the recipient's email ready.

For reference, with a $10 gift card, you can indulge in a Medium Cone with two flavors, just like the one in the photo!

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-25 at 4.42.11 PM.jpeg

Step Three
Purchase your e-Gift Card

Click below, enter the desired value, and in the "Delivery Details" section, input the email of the lucky gift recipient.

Buy Your e-Gift Card Now

With these simple steps, you'll be ready to gift the sweetness of Bobboi!

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