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A hand holding a small Bobboi Natural Gelato cup with two scoops of gelato: a vibrant green flavor on top and a creamy pink flavor on the bottom.

Bobboi Natural Gelato

Kettner Blvd, Little Italy, San Diego

For an authentic urban gelato experience in San Diego, head to our Kettner Blvd store in Little Italy. Savor handcrafted, organic flavors after exploring the vibrant neighborhood's shops and sights.

2175 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101

Working Hours

Regular Days

Friday and Saturday

12 PM–10 PM

From Sunday to Thursday

12 PM–9 PM

Call Us

(858) 214-8240

Bobboi Gelato elevates the charm of Little Italy San Diego with its dedicated gelateria on 2175 Kettner Boulevard, a delectable addition to the neighborhood! Immerse yourself in the North Little Italy vibes as Bobboi Natural Gelato presents daily delights crafted by our gelato maestro Monica. With eighteen flavors available seven days a week, our menu boasts crowd-pleasers like Vegan Pistachio, Bacio or Stracciatella.

Vegans, rejoice! Bobboi is your sanctuary, offering four luscious vegan options, including our dark chocolate sorbet sweetened with agave syrup. We're not just a gelato spot; we're a tribute to Little Italy's rich background and culinary excellence.


Our commitment to taste is unwavering, and we take it slow, using organic ingredients sourced from local California purveyors, ensuring our gelato is a seasonal celebration of flavors like locally grown pistachios.

Explore the best of Little Italy and discover the joy of savoring gelato that's crafted with passion and precision. For dessert enthusiasts, gelato aficionados, or those seeking Little Italy's finest, your journey begins at Bobboi.

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