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Gelato cup filled with almond and pistacchio gelato from Bobboi Natural Gelato

San Diego's choice

For over 10 years, Bobboi has been serving up San Diego's favorite gelato, blending traditional and new flavors inspired by California yet rooted in Italy's classic gelato techniques.


We’ve chosen to accept no compromise and to take no shortcuts: only fresh, real ingredients in our gelato.


Achieving our intensity of flavor through this method requires the highest quality (and quantity) of ingredients.


That's why we've spent years picking the best local farms, producers, and suppliers.


And that’s why our gelato is packed with way more fruits, nuts, vanilla, and other yummy ingredients than any others.

Meet Chef Monica

Monica Maccioni is the mastermind behind the array of delicious gelato flavors we offer. She was born and raised in Sardinia and became a gelato expert after completing her studies at the Università del Gelato in Bologna, Italy.


Monica and her team work together to craft gelato that highlights their Italian heritage while embracing the bounty of seasonal ingredients available in their new home of California.

Gelato chef from Bobboi Natural Gelato adding ingredients in blender while smiling for photo.
Andrea Racca and Bobboi board

From Founder Andrea

Bobboi translates to 'delicious small sweet' in the dialect from Sardinia, a beautiful Italian island nestled in the Mediterranean, where both chef Monica and I come from.


This word embodies the essence of sweetness: you can call Bobboi your sweet love, or your small child…


Life in Sardinia is simple and genuine, embraced by breathtaking natural beauty and surrounded by untouched, azure seas.


The locals prefer clean, genuine cuisine crafted from fresh fruits and organic ingredients, a lifestyle often attributed to the longevity of Sardinian people.


We created Bobboi inspired by the Sardinian culture and lifestyle, simple and genuine, with no shortcuts.


That’s Bobboi’s gelato: no frills, no toppings, no sprinkles. Just pure gelato, as it should be.

The Bobboi Family

Ensuring that you leave with a smile is our primary goal, and it's a true mantra for all our staff!

While serving the most delicious and natural gelato on the West Coast certainly helps, we believe there's more to it.

Guiding you through an exceptional tasting experience, crafting your cup or cone with a unique scooping technique, and doing it all with a smile – that's what you'll find in any of our stores.

Staff member - a girl smiling while holding a gelato cup
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